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Newmarket, Brisbane


This charming traditional Queensland home has undergone a captivating transformation, marrying classic elegance with modern flair.

The home’s mini makeover has revitalised its timeless appeal, enhancing its character while infusing it with contemporary comforts. Fresh coats of paint breathe new life into both the interior and exterior, rejuvenating the facade with crisp, inviting hues that beckon passersby to explore further.

A mini makeover over this traditional style Queensland home.

New charm has been breathed into this beautiful home.

tate front door yellow

Fresh internal and external paint throughout.

Refreshed and ready to live.

newmarket renovation brisbane tate

Bathroom layout change plus a beautiful new deck & roof.

Modern living combined with traditional layout and charlacter has brought this home to life once again.

Before & after the renovation

Before After newmarket renovation brisbane tatenewmarket renovation brisbane tate


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