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Morningside, Brisbane


A testament to the seamless fusion of past charm and modern elegance. Originally a modest home, the structure underwent a comprehensive transformation, emerging anew after a full strip and refurbish.

Inside, an open-concept layout enhances the sense of space and connectivity. The meticulous attention to detail in the refurbishment is evident in the choice of materials, from the gleaming hardwood floors to the tasteful fixtures that adorn the renovated kitchen and bathrooms

full strip out & refurbish

We’ve stripped back this home to it’s core to complete the renovation from the ground up.

pashen renovation brisbane morningside

raise & build in

Our team lifted the house to create more space  whilst keeping it’s homely charm.

pashen renovatinon brisbane morningside

open concept layout

Connecting the main living spaces together, keeping the home spacious with modern finishes. 


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