We Service Brisbane & the Sunshine Coast

41 Moolabar st, Morningside

Site Entry Terms & Requirements

Before entering this site, please read the following terms and submit the form at the bottom of this page prior to entry.



House extension 



Elec:  Over head wire to the house.

Gas: Bottles are on site and are being used for the kitchen upstairs. Keep until new kitchen goes in.

Sewer: Connect into existing. Plan to be made on site. 

Stormwater: Connect into existing.

Water: Back end has been disconnected but the rest of the house is live.

NBN – No works Required in scope. .

Other: None.

Assessment will be required prior to any work being done



-Clients are living on site with their children. Will need to create a safe place for easy access to the back yard and under the house temp Laundry. Any materials to be carried to the back or create a safe zone at the front.

-Trailor skips will mostly be used to keep the driveway clear.

-Tight car/road access, ensure cones are placed when deliveries are received.

-Ensure full site clean each day. Pick up all fixings and off cuts off grass each day.

-Take care of Driveway & shade sale as this is not being replaced.

-Assess tasks as they come for any other specific risks as they arise.


No extra controls over those in SWMS.



Given the close nature to neighbours , we emphasize the utmost respect not only towards our team members but also towards our valued clients and their neighbours. Adherence to site rules is imperative, and non-compliance may result in removal from the site.


You have read and agree to the site safety rules (see QR code on board).

All safety incidents, near misses, injuries must be reported to Built by Athena.  

Minimum P.P.E for the site:

Site safety boots

Safety glasses

Other P.P.E as required by the task being completed.


The site must be left tidy at the end of the day.  All rubbish to be placed in skips provided.

NOTE: In the site safety box (blue box) you will find basic PP.E equipment, first aid kit and a fire extinguisherE