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We deliver high quality new home builds in Brisbane

There is nothing quite like a new build, you’re starting from scratch so the limitations that occur with a renovation have already been eliminated. 

EST. 2020

We'll make your dream home a reality

New builds are a fresh canvas waiting for you to bring the build to life. When starting to plan, you can really take advantage of the block of land, whether it be sloped, rocky, west facing or on acreage.

Which is why we suggest when building your new build you take advantage of your natural surroundings and build perfection from the ground up. 

This requires a considerable amount of time and effort and you want to ensure you establish key requirements before engaging professionals. 

At Built By Athena, we believe with good pre-planning you’ll avoid headaches down the track. 

Your new build is special and deserves a fantastic Brisbane building company to bring your home to life.

We Design Inspired Spaces.

Recent New Builds

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Ready to make it happen?

Gather Your Ideas

Go through Instagram, Pinterest or design magazines and gather your inspiration for what you want your home to be. Having your ideas ready to go will help speed up the process.

Reach Out To Us

It’s time to contact us. We want to meet with you, discuss your ideas and help you set some realistic renovation goals. By engaging us early in your build process, we’re able to help you navigate the process.

Plan Your Renovation

We’ll help you from the very beginning. Putting your plans into action, engaging the professionals you need and then obtaining your build quote. We’ll be here for you well before the build start date.

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Just started thinking about your new build?

Building a new home is a rewarding experience.

Before the builder can commence, you would have already needed to meet with other professionals such as draftsperson or architect, engineer, building certifier and a town planner.

Getting started can be overwhelming but we’re able to work with clients before you engage professionals. We can advise on which people you’ll need to engage, and more importantly we can start providing you with some realistic pricing expectations. And that’s because we don’t want you to design your dream home, only to realise when you receive your building quote that it isn’t within your budget.

By engaging your builder early we’ll keep your new build on track.

Got plans and looking for a builder?

That’s great, your planning is well underway and now it’s time to find a builder for your Brisbane new home build..

Selecting the right builder will ensure you have an amazing renovation experience.

You don’t just want any builder, but you need a builder that understands you, your plans and listens to what you want.

At Built By Athena, we pride ourselves on delivering an amazing experience for our clients.

So if you’ve signed off on your plans, have your engineer engaged and your building certifier ready to go, then don’t just get a quote from potential builders but start building your relationship with builders who care.

Your new build, our building expertise

We’re Brisbane new build experts. So whether you’re knocking down and re-building a Hamptons haven or an ultra-modern masterpiece, we want to help build your dream home.

We also pride ourselves on being builders that can help you find the best balance of budget and details to ensure you get a new build you love.

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Like what you see? We have a lot to offer your project, so we want you to get in touch. 

Let us take your ideas and make them into reality. 

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