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Design Management

From concept to completion

Tailored removation designs within your budget

EST. 2020

Design, Build, Trust

We offer a comprehensive preconstruction service to prepare you for the construction phase. Our expertise ensures that your designs are both cost-effective and within your budget. 

This service Includes:
Concept to Final Plans: Developing initial ideas into detailed plans.

Approval Management: Guiding you through all planning and building approvals.

Designer Engagement: Collaborating with building designers to finalize your plans.

Consultant Coordination: Engaging necessary consultants, including structural, geotechnical, flood, and bushfire experts.

Cost-Effective Design: Ensuring all design elements are budget-conscious.

Transparent Costing: Working through building costs transparently to keep final costs within your budget

Our Athena Advantage

By following our five step process you’ll benefit from the Athena advantage. With good pre-planning you can avoid costly mistakes later.

Face-To-Face Time

We won’t start any project until we meet our clients in the flesh. We need to shake hands, listen and learn. We want to know what’s important to you, what you want to get out of your project, and how you want it to make you feel. No building company can understand these things without first meeting in person. This is also our chance to check out your site and look for any challenges or advantages your build might encounter.


This is when we go into managerial overdrive. Our pre-construction process is the heart of the business. Selections, details, measurement all need to be confirmed and documented in a neat and concise way that you can understand.

Listen & Understand

We deep dive into your project. We analyse your needs and wants, ensuring that we’re on the same page. A smoothly
run project is a well-organised project. And it’s our job to be all over the details from day one.

Project Presentation

We present our solution. We put together a detailed building quote or tender to suit your needs. We break things down, we give you the information you need to make informed decisions. We then provide you with the guidance and support to navigate the next steps.

Build Time

The build is the fun bit. This is when you get to see progress, watch your new home take shape and start to imagine the finished product. We love to build, and we love how we make our clients feel as they see their ideas come to life.

Ready to make it happen?

Gather Your Ideas

Go through Instagram, Pinterest or design magazines and gather your inspiration for what you want your home to be. Having your ideas ready to go will help speed up the process.

Reach Out To Us

It’s time to contact us. We want to meet with you, discuss your ideas and help you set some realistic renovation goals. By engaging us early in your build process, we’re able to help you navigate the process.

Plan Your Renovation

We’ll help you from the very beginning. Putting your plans into action, engaging the professionals you need and then obtaining your build quote. We’ll be here for you well before the build start date.

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